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I Just Want You To Know A Little Bit About Me...
I Just Want You To Know A Little Bit About Me...
Welcome to my lil corner of the world!
[WARNING: Husky/Fluffy pictures will be shared on thy tumblr. May contain Selfies, duck faces and silly faces on images, so be warned! Lol]
I'm clumsygoldfish ;) I've been described as forgetful hence goldfish and extremely uncoordinated :/ I'm
curvy, idiotic and slightly delusional but harmless xD
Anyways all my pics are tagged with #love thy curves :)
I'll be sharing random things about me and stuff :p
Kinda like a diary haha :)
Instagram - teyclumsygoldfish or follow me on my fitness journey on myfitnesspal - krystel7abiti
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5th week

My best friend is hilarious! Lmfao


When you’re suppose to study but end up doing something utterly useless!


Left side - my lil brother
Right side - my god daughter

Holdin (Into his keeping by Gail Faulkner)

She’s been mine all this time, if only in my mind, but still, just mine.

5th week of my fitness journey

I love fish! Haha

CW: 143 lbs
SW: 160 lbs

There’s like bananas everywhere! O.O
Oh and I had some oatmeal cookies from potbelly ;p

4th week

CW: 145lbs
GW: 130lbs
BW: 160lbs

WL: 3 lbs

Total WL: 15 lbs

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